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ireland’s first

Living on Light

international conference


P.A. Straubinger

Luis Paniagua &

Marlen Martha Maria


Marja E. Nieuwveld

Nicolas Pilartz

Flow – being nourished on all levels

Founder World Breatharian festival and teacher


Author of 38 books of Living on Light

Sacred Music “Flying Jewels”

International Breatharian Conference 2024

Pranic Living – Step into the Conscious Field

Ireland, Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th April

Conscious Concerts presents this 1st International Breatharian Conference – Worldwide!


Sustaining oneself on universal energy referred to as Prana, Qi, Grace or Love in an advanced spiritual practice recorded in sacred texts for thousands of years. It exists in Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism and Jainism along with other lesser known spiritual paths

To this day this spiritual phenomenon continues to exist in those who have committed themselves to certain types of spiritual practices.

These practices take years of spiritual dedication. One would not fly a plane or free-climb a mountain without in-depth training. The same is true for this.

Safety Disclaimer: Join us for an informative weekend discussing advanced spiritual techniques of Living on Light. We wish to highlight that an eating disorder is an illness. We do not recommend anyone with such a disorder attend this weekend for their own safety. Food will be served throughout the event as the event is only for informative purposes. Fasting is not recommended during event. This event is strictly over 18’s.



12:00 - 13:40 Nicolas

14:50- 16:30 Marja

16:30 - 18:30 🍵 Dinner

18:30 - 20:00 Luis 🎵 & Marlen 🎵

21:00 - 22:30 Peter Arthur


10:00 - 18:00 - Jasmuheen (all day session)



Author of 38 books of Living on Light

Marja E. Nieuwveld

Living on Light & Love @ Zero-point field: Neurology, Biology & Fascia

Nicolas Pilartz

Founder World Breatharian festival and teacher

P.A. Straubinger


Luis Paniagua & Marlen Martha Maria

Sacred Music “Flying Jewels”

“Are you ready to discover a different world view and LIVE in trust and abundance instead of surviving in fear and scarcity??”

heart-centered approach quantum living Marja

“A world without hungry people means a world that exists in peace!”


Known as the grandmother of western Breatharianism, Jasmuheen has been nourished by prana – what she calls Cosmic Micro Fuel – for the past 24 years after her physical system was converted to Pranic Nourishment in 1993 via the powerful 21 day Process.

Jasmuheen is the author of 38 books that are published in 18 languages, of which seven of these are dedicated to this topic of alternate nutrition. “Pranic living is much more than a way to be at greater choice regarding how we can nourish our physical bodies, for it allows us to free ourselves from all human hungers including emotional and mental hungers as well".

There is a science to this and there is also a simple yet powerful way to anchor ourselves deeper into the infinite ocean of the purest nourishment that a human system can know while still maintaining physical existence!

”The founder of the Embassy of Peace", in 2008 Jasmuheen was appointed lifetime President of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in Bangalore India.

she has also liaised with various levels of government and presented her work to the UN in both Vienna and New York.

SInce 2015, Jasmuheen was also honored with a special Diploma for her dedicated global peace work by Spiri Haret University in Romania.

“Freedom is an exciting topic, especially these days and in a world where fear reigns?”

Nicolas Pilartz

- Breatharian since 2012

- Founder of the retreat center “Eden” for initiation into Breatharianism in person and online

- Organiser of the Pranic World Festival and the Pranic Festival France

Nicolas has British citizenship, his father is German and his mother is Italian. He found out the information about Breatharianism in 2012, today he dedicates his life to sharing and spreading the information about his experience, what he could achieve thanks to his transformation and his life as a Breatharian.

He helps and supports everyone who wants to move closer to this new paradigm of food freedom, accompanying them on the path of change.

Nowadays, after 11 years of this new life as a Breatharian, Nicolas consumes mostly light liquid food and around one solid food meal a month.

A new world is possible, it is ready to be born; this is a world in joy, without slavery and violence, a simple and free world without the need to take something from the outside, because everything is already inside us....

To Connect to Nicolas :

Instagram @nicolaspilartz

Nicolas Facebook

Whatsapp - Telegram :

+39 3317032659

Pranic Center

YT @EdenPranicCenter


Pranic World Festival

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Mail info@breatharianworld

“Are you ready to take the step to ultimate freedom?”

Marja E. Nieuwveld

“We do not need to change the world, only our thinking.”

Are you curious about the next step in our evolution?

Join Marja on her journey of pranic living and (re)discover the essence of life, which nourishes us on all


She provides an inside look into the fascinating quantum world and at the same time she pulls

out the root of fear on all levels.

  • ‘Quantum Thinking’
  • ‘BodyFreedom’
  • ‘SoulPeace’
  • ‘Nature Connectedness’
  • ‘Freedom Quest’

Closing the gap

between science and spirituality

Can we live on light or are we light?

Marja’s insight into the human body on the levels of:

  • Neurology,
  • Biology and
  • Fascia.

Especially the link to the

bio-logical laws of nature

for humans, animals and plants..

In winter, Marja lives on a mountain in Switzerland and in summer in the middle of nature, on the outskirts of Rotterdam.

As co-founder of Pranic Freedom Quest and author of “Living on Light & Love” she guides people to (food) freedom.

She is in FLOW - just like her beloved WATER!

“By discovering a different way

of looking at the world,

you can enjoy a food-freedom, trust in the intelligence

of your body. . .” and beliefs are exposed...


learning to trust body intelligence

Peter-Arthur Straubinger

With his keynotes and workshops about meditation, fasting and anti-aging he keeps inspiring people around the globe.

In 2019 he published „Der Jungbrunnen-Effekt“ („The Fountain of Youth Effekt“), a book about intermittent fasting, which became the most successful non-fiction book of the year in Austria.

Two more bestsellers about intermittent fasting and a healthy lifestyle followed in 2020 and 2021.

P.A. Straubinger has three decades of experience as journalist bestselling author and filmmaker and works as well as teacher and keynote- speaker. In the 1990s his interest in Transpersonal Psychology led to intensive practice in yoga and meditation. By then he also made first experiences with fasting.

A personal encounter in the spring of 2000 awakened his interest in the strange topic of Breatharianism. He met a meditation teacher who allegedly had not eaten for more than a year. Still skeptical, he started a 10 year journey of research from around the globe on this topic. Searching for traces of evidence and skeptical scrutiny of this human mystery.

200 hours of footage were edited into the 90 minute feature documentary “IN THE BEGINNING, THERE WAS LIGHT“. It premiered at the International Film Festival in Cannes and became one of the most influential and successful feature documentaries in Austrian cinema history. When it was shown in prime time on National Television viewership outnumbered Hollywood Blockbusters like “Harry Potter“. This then led to a huge public discussion.

Luis Paniagua &

Marlen Martha Maria

Sacred music from around the world. International musicians from Spain & Switzerland:

Luis Paniagua sacred music


Marlen Martha Maria (Switzerland) piano, voice, calabash.

Luis Paniagua (Spain) lyre, voice, talking drum.

‘’Out of deepest joy

and gratitude

may we experience together how sound is an authentic expression of presence - our true being.

Under this concert, Luis Paniagua and Marlen Martha Maria will share with you the beauty of presence and love through music...

and invite you,

to fly

with all the intuitive sounds,

to our temple of love - our true state of being,

the place, where the soul is able to meet itself, in memory of the mystic beauty, how everything is connected with everything and how everything is serving each other as a reflection of our true BEING’’



Food will be vegan and available to buy at the venue. Feel free to bring your own food also.


There is communal sleeping space at the venue for the first 70 people booking this (charge of 20e not included in ticket) Bring your own bedding. Floor padding provided.

We recommend Hotels nearby:

Pillo Hotel Ashbourne

Ardboyne Hotel Navan

Newgrange Hotel Navan

D Hotel Drogheda

Living on Light in the Spiritual Traditions:

Living on Light

Join us for an informative weekend discussing advanced spiritual techniques of Living on Light.

Sustaining oneself on universal energy referred to as Prana, Qi, Grace, or Love is an advanced spiritual practice recorded in sacred texts for thousands of years. It exists in Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism and Jainism along with other lesser-known spiritual paths. Read below for more information:


Catholic Mystic Therese Neumann was a Breatharian a Christian mystic known as a “Servant of God”. Therese Neumann was declared a saint by the Vatican in 2005.


Some Hindu religious texts contain accounts of saints and hermits practicing what would be called inedia, breatharianism, or Sustenance through Light in modern terms. Paramanansa Yogananda’s 1946 book Autobiography of a Yogi details two alleged historical examples of breatharianism, Hari Giri Bala and Therese Newman.

There are claims that Devraha Baba lived without food.

Some breatharians claim that humans can be sustained solely by prana the vital life force.

In Hinduism, according to Ayurveda, sunlight is one of the main sources of prana, and some practitioners believe that it is possible for a person to survive on sunlight alone.


Bigu (grain avoidance) is a fasting technique with various different interpretations, from simply avoiding eating specific grains, to avoiding all grains, to eating no food at all, and drawing sustenance from gulps of air.


Fasting in Jainism

There are varying types of fasts practiced by followers of Janism. Some Jain monks and laities continuously fast for months. These fasts last six months or even longer. A Jain monk, Sahaj Muni Maharaj, is said to have completed his 365-day fast on 1 May 1998. Another Jain monk Hansaratna Vijayji was said to have completed 423-day fast in 494 days in 2015. He had previously claimed to have fasted for 108 days in 2013 and for 180 days in 2014. Several others have claimed to have fasted for six months.

BBC reports 23/11/03

Doctors and experts are baffled by an Indian hermit who claims not to have eaten or drunk anything for several decades - but is still in perfect health.

“Prahlad Jani, a holy man, or fakir, who is over 70 years old, has just spent 10 days under constant observation in Sterling Hospital, in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

During that time, he did not consume anything and "neither did he pass urine or stool", according to the hospital's deputy superintendent, Dr Dinesh Desai”.