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Dublin 4

Dublin 4

D04CA43, Chapel of Ease, Irishtown, Dublin 4

Chapel of Ease, Irishtown, Dublin 4

Chapel of Ease, Irishtown, Dublin 4

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whale water Falco Tarassaco Oberto Airaudi alchemical spheres spirals of copper and Spir friend

Falco Tarrassaco - the founder of the DAMANHUR Eco-Spiritual Community (Italy, 1975) ... Came back from the 600 years in the future:

alchemist falco tarassaco

....When he was a child a stranger delivered a trunk full of books to his parents' door. These were Alchemy Books with 'disappearing text' as the information was for his eyes only . . .

whale dreams and Falco Tarassaco Oberto Airaudi alchemical spheres spirals of copper and Spir friend

These books helped him to remember his knowledge of Alchemy: floating, disappearing, time-travel, reality shifting & more.

Damanhur - Social Alchemy, Magical Temples, and Superindividual
Tridachna Belladonna Dr. Patrizia Rosso

The Elder from Italy's Damanhur, who is facilitating this year's IMMERSIVE:

Tridacna Belladonna, Dr

Alchemy of The Elements



What will we learn?

We engage with alchemy according to our culture in which we are living. Falco, the founder of Damahur, was a master alchemical technician. He came from the future so we could access these profound alchemical tools normally confined to secrecy.

By the end of the course, you will be able to do alchemical rituals with the primal elements.

These rituals can have many effects. On a personal level, you will be able to create your own alchemical potions that can substitute conventional medications.

The course will create a different perspective on how you engage with life and how you work.

When you dive deep, it's very difficult to be superficial afterward, with yourself and the world around you

Deep knowledge is something that changes us. We cannot un-know it. It transforms our being.

When we understand our responsibility to life, life is transformed forever.

With esoteric knowledge, you will be part of the solution. It reveals the path to help humanity live and thrive in a better way.

Engaging the divine. Divinities are the laws of the universe. If we don’t know how to engage on this level then we are separate from what is determining our reality. Engaging with divine energies is our soul print and birthright.

We are energetically and biologically designed as alchemical beings. It’s time to embody and actualise this.


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Alchemy of The Elements

Course Programme


:: CPD hours ::

28 hrs, over

4 days:


* * The official ‘Damanhur Alchemy’ course takes 3 years (over in ITALY)

This Ireland-based immersive retreat is not aimed as a ‘substitute’, but as a ‘Quick Acceleration’ on your ALCHEMIST Toolkit / Inner ORACLE Path

About the Elder from Damanhur Underground Temples of Humanity, N.Italy:

Tridacna Belladonna, Dr



Dublin 4

Tridacna has lived in the spiritual eco-community of Damanhur since 1989.

Her practice spans more than 30 years with a broad scope of healing methods. She has a PhD in Psychology. Works as a psychotherapist, specialising in Jungian psychodrama, nonverbal communication, psychomotricity, music drama, art & music therapy. She is a researcher with a wealth of experience in the psychiatric field, having worked for a long time in the National Health Service in Italy.

As a speaker, she has given talks at many global health conferences and received many research grants in the health and well-being sector.

Since 1992 she has been a teacher in Damanhur University. She has been one of their ambassadors internationally, facilitating the spreading of esoteric knowledge in many countries such as Germany, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria and Australia. She specialises in the knowledge of Alchemy, Inner Personalities, Healing, Path of the Quests, Interpretation of Star Drawing, Language of the Plants, Ancient Civilizations, Death & Dying, and Masculine & Feminine dynamics.

The energetic field of healing by Damanhurians has been one of her specific paradigms of research. The results have been used within the Damanhurian Spiritual Healing Schools for many years.

Tridacna has guided many people in the treatment of pain and alleviation of psychological and physical disorders. Through the Damanhur healing methods of Selfica* accessing the energetic microlines that run through the body she supports accelerated healing of various kinds of disorders and diseases. Using star drawing to unpack dream and personality interpretation she can read into the deepest parts of people connecting them to their deepest aspects of spirit. And with mediumship diagnosis, she harmonises the body's organs through direct communication on an energetic and psychosomatic level.

This is Tridacna’s first time to Ireland. We feel it is timely that this deep knowledge of Damanhur is coming here for us to access.

*Selfica - ancient knowledge that combines the use of energies and metals to bring about a beneficial influence in all spheres of human life


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Dublin 4

FAQ: This course is non-residential. Programme: multiple Alchemy of the Elements tools learned per day (Element per day). Attendance by prebooking. Over 18 y.o. Spaces: 60-80 people max. Things to bring: notebook, pen, blanket & warm indoor footwear (see full list). Don't let the moneys stop you if you get a silent YES to be there: :: WhatsApp: 0894991083

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